000 Szlemiel | Running Rabbit Films | Orinoko FIlms


Screenwriter: Wojciech Lepianka, Joanna Ronikier

Illustrations: Joanna Rusinek

Production: Studio Miniatur Filmowych

Coproducer: Running Rabbit Films, Filmograf

FIlm co-financed by the Polish FIlm Institute

Schlemiel is a dog who lives with his family in Warsaw before II World War. His masters are a Jewish doctor and his wife, but he truly belongs to their daughter 10 years old Joasia. They live prosperous and quiet life in the most elegant Warsaw district. Everything changes the first of September 1939, when Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany. Overnight they are losing everything: beautiful apartment, property and in the end their freedom. They have to move to Warsaw ghetto with all other Jews. Only Schlemiel is staying on the safe side of the ghetto wall. Many weeks later Joasia is escaping from the ghetto to join Schlemiel and live with a Polish family. We can observe typical occupation stories: raids, detentions and omnipresent terror. Joasia needs to grow up very fast to survive. In this insecure world she has her dog always by her side. He helps her to learn her new identity, to avoid danger and finally he saves her life.

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