000 Kowańko | Running Rabbit Films | Orinoko FIlms



Screenwriter: Michał Mróz, Sylwia Kalisz-Mróz

Illustrations: Michał Mróz

Director: Michał Mróz

Executive Producer: Joanna Ronikier

Supervisory producer: Marta Stelmaszczyk

Production: Studio Miniatur Filmowych

Coproducer: Running Rabbit Films

TV special: 25 minut

FIlm co-financed by the Polish FIlm Institute

“Kowańko” tells the story of the life of a pre-war animation artist often dubbed the “Polish Disney.” During the war he was sent to the Soviet gulag, where he sketched scenes depicting the prisoners’ wandering life on cigarette papers. Afterwards, as part of Gen. Anders’ army, he drew humorous cartoons for the long-suffering soldiers. After the war he moved to South America, where he concentrated on anti-communist activities. His film, “On the Other Side,” which depicted the fate of prisoners in the Soviet gulag, evoked political consternation and the dislike of Polish Communist Party leaders. Various mysterious characters begin urgently observing Kowańko…

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