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Corporal Wojtek


Screenwriter: Wojciech Lepianka

Illustrations: Iain Gardner

Director: Iain Gardner

Production: Illuminated Film Company (UK), Filmograf

Co-production: Running Rabbit Films

TV special: 25 min.

Film co-produced by Polish Film Institute, Creative Scotland

“Corporal Wojtek” is the animated story of the life of a bear who was adopted by soldiers of Gen. Anders II Corps. The animal, raised from a cub by people, became convinced he too was human and soon became a soldier himself. Together with the troops of the 22 Transport Company he completes the entire combat trail from Iran through Syria, Palestine and Egypt. The film is being produced with the help of two award-winning European creative artists, Iain Gardner (BAFTA award winner) and Wojciech Lepianka (winner of the Gdynia Lion and the Polish Film Award, the Eagle).

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