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My Goose is Cooked!

Screenwriter: Marta Guśniowska

Illustrations: Robert Romanowicz

Director: Artur Wyrzykowski

Executive Producer: Marta Stelmaszczyk

Production: Studio Miniatur Filmowych

Co-production: Running Rabbit Films

Medium-length: 25 min.

A certain none too pretty goose’s life has lost its meaning. She is lonely and lives in a small room at the back of the chicken coop. No one likes her, so she has no friends, and if that weren’t enough, she’s burdened with a huge, feathery, round and black… depression. The only person who pays her any attention is a fox who breaks into the coop one night in search of supper. Everyone has been long fast asleep, so stealing a chicken seems to be a simple matter. Unfortunately, the fox’s path to happiness is blocked by the goose, who does not want to go on living and prefers to be eaten. Unfortunately, the fox isn’t interested. However, he does promise to take her to his friend, the wolf, who is a great lover of exotic dishes.

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