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Mister Practical

Screenwriter: Roksana – Jędrzejewska – Wróbel

Illustrations: Adam Pękalski

Director: Michał Poniedzielski

Muzyka: Radzimir Dębski

Production: Running Rabbit Films

Coproducer: Studio Miniatur Filmowych

FIlm co-financed by the Polish FIlm Institute

“Mister Practical” is a graphically beautiful, wise, and humorous story for children and adults alike. We want to remind viewers of the importance of normal, everyday contact with a living being and not with just the screen of a laptop or smartphone. In today’s world many of us are a bit like Mister Practical; in the mass of daily events we forget to simply… enjoy life. The film is based on the book of the same name, which has won numerous Polish and European awards (awarded by Polish IBBY, Empik, and the European List of White Ravens). Radzimir Dębski, currently the most popular Polish composer, is in charge of writing the music to the film.

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